Nigex Exchange Privacy Policy

The concerned privacy policy spells out the way Nigex & its partners/affiliates may gather users’ information from the Nigex website and stores, uses and safely shares the same. The words “we,” “our” and “us” in the policy description represent Nigex & its affiliates.

Nigex asks for only personal information that is solicited by law or needed for the particularised objective. Any additional information provided voluntarily would not signify the permission to use or access all our services, whether opted by you or not.

Using & accessing the site interprets the users’ approval to the data application construed in our Privacy Policy. The privacy policy can be revised from time to time to adhere to the latest legal norms & notifications or maybe because of changes in our personal information assemblage & usage system.

Material amendments done in Privacy Policy will be posted & declared on the website, followed by asking users’ approval to use the same for any objective uncovered in the Privacy policy.

Our lastly updated privacy policy has integrated components from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for we proceed to comply with the prevailing rules associated with the processing of personal information in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Information Nigex Collects

We would like to inform the various kinds of personal details we gather during the registration & authentication of users’ identity and when the user uses our Nigex services.

Information we collect during registration

When a user signs up & create a Nigex account, we collect personal information such as name & contact information like name, email address, and a password.
During this time, the user can provide additional information like Google Authenticator account for 2FA authentication to increase security or the phone number for SMS.

Information we collect during authentication of the user’s identity

To adhere to the global industry regulatory standards which include Know-Your-Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF), we need to authenticate the user’s identity through formal collection, identification & authentication of user’s Personal and Enterprise-level accounts.

Information we collect when a user use Nigex services

Service Usage Information
We collect the service usage information such as device identification, access date & time, operating system, IP address and browser type through Nigex platform and store it to make sure that Nigex’s interface is approachable for users throughout the platforms and to provide a helping hand at the time of criminal investigations.

Transaction Information
We collect transaction information such as account balances, withdrawals, deposit snapshots, trade history, distribution history and order activity for all personal and enterprise user accounts to track suspicious trading transactions for the safety of the users from fraud and for the resolution of the legal case (if any).

Reasons! Why Nigex collects this information

To offer and upkeep our services

The information gathered is used for the verification of user identity and to offer Nigex services. The IP address & unique identifiers saved in your device’s cookies are used by us to verify your identity and offer our services. We need users’ data like contact information, transaction-related information to comply with legal duties & system’s requirements.

To contact the user

Nigex uses personal information such as an email address to contact the user directly. We use the information to provide instant customer care support to our users, to keep them updated about the transaction and informed on logins & security.
We can answer your queries & requests and confirm each communication only after the processing of your personal information. An array of direct communications is stored confidentially and inspected internally to ensure accuracy.

For the safety of our users

Information gathered by us is used for the safety of our users’ accounts & archives alongside the protection of our platform. Nigex uses IP addresses & cookie data to shield the user's account from the computerized abuse & attacks like spam, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and phishing.
We monitor the trading exercises with an intend to hit on suspicious acts at the initial level so that anticipated losses and potential frauds can be prevented.

To adhere to statutory and regulatory needs

Our right approach towards adherence to norms, governmental orders and users’ inquiries guarantees uphold for the security & privacy of users’ data. Any information stored with Nigex is not revealed to a third party without the prior permission from the user or until it needs not to be checked by our legal case unit.

To review site performance

Our operation team regularly evaluates & examines the data collected to discern how the services of Nigex are used so that we can enhance the performance of our platform and experience of our users by continuously resolving their issues.
We aim to provide a quick fix to different problems faced by our users and this is why we follow a steady approach in supervising our interaction with users and the activity of our system.

To implement our Terms & Conditions of Use and other agreements

It is indeed imperative for us and our users that we constantly check, investigate and curb the illegal or prohibited activities which can breach our Terms of Service.
We cautiously resort to our covenants with third parties and keep inspecting and assuring that our Terms of Use should not be breached. Nigex reserves the right to restrict the provision of service for any user caught involved in activities that contravene our Terms of Use.

How does Nigex ensure data security?

Measures like Secure Sockets Layer encryption technology, PCI Scanning, constraints related to internal data review, pseudonymization, stringent control on access data and files internally or physically; implemented by Nigex contributes to highest data security.

Full-fledged security is not possible in the transmissions that execute in a digital manner or through the internet. However, an array of security measures by Nigex ensures that information saved with us is not prone to alteration, loss or false usage.

At the same time, we also expect our clients to take security precautions to safeguard their personal information and contact Nigex customer service immediately as soon as they encounter any risk to their information. Besides, clients are free to lock their accounts until Nigex resolves their security issues.

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We revere the rights & freedom of our clients and also their confidence in Nigex’s services. If you have any queries or confusion related to our Privacy Policy, kindly contact us on our Support Page. To submit a Data Protection request, kindly check our FAQ.

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