Cookies Policy

The Nigex website may use “cookies” to store certain user information in order to provide you with personalised services. A cookie is a file stored on our server that comprises a unique identification number for each customer, including their browser details, that is updated every time they visit our website.

Why We Use Cookies:

  • To ensure fast access to the site through cache;
  • To identify & remove errors via technical cookies;
  • To remember your preferences and provide services accordingly using the functional cookies;
  • To record your site interactions in order to provide personalised advertisement for your purpose.

Things You Need to Know About ‘Cookies’ On Nigex Platform

  • The user information we receive via cookies may be shared with third parties in certain cases and only for specific purposes.
  • You can choose to reject or accept our ‘cookies’ terms, based on which some website features or content may not be available to you.
  • To disable cookies in your browser, go to ‘settings’ and search for cookies. You can also delete all the stored cookies from your browser.

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