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At NIGEX, we work hard to create transparency and maintain openness in our system. As one of the leading and most trusted crypto exchanges in the market, we aim to provide full transparency in the transactions taking place on our platform, which is why we have created this System Status page where you can check the live statistics of all transactions happening on the NIGEX platform as well as track key metrics related to the system performance.

The metrics you can track on this page include:

  • Deposits: Here you can check the number of pending deposits in line along with the pay-in status.
  • Trading: This column shows whether making orders is available or not in the system.
  • Withdrawals: In this column you can check the status of a payout (online/offline), number of pending withdrawals, last successful withdrawal date & time, processing time, etc.
  • Maintenance Status: If the exchange or any of its parts is under maintenance, you can track the status here.
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Cryptocurrency Last successfull deposit Last successfull withdrawal Confirmation Required Deposit pending confirmation Withdraw pending confirmation Trading status Deposit status Withdraw status Is delisted Maintenance status
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