NIGEX API - Terms of Service

The subsequent terms and conditions given in this ‘Terms of Service’ or “Terms” page govern your usage or access of our branded and collective “Nigex API” and its related documentation and services. The already existing version of our present API can be accessed easily from

1. Usage of Nigex API and its Documentation

  • Key Requirements to Get Access to Nigex API

    In order to access or start the usage of our Nigex API, creating an account or registering yourself on the Nigex platform is mandatory. An authentication key might also be required to access certain features of our Nigex API. To access such features, it is also expected from you to enter the correct API keys. It is important that you do not share your API key information with any third party user. Nigex has every right to withdraw your participation from getting access to our API keys without taking prior consent from you.

  • License for the usage of Nigex API Documentation

    These terms of service hereby give you revocable, non-transferable and non-exclusive permission or license to obtain or start using Nigex API documentation. Although the purpose behind such use should always be to support the development of futuristic applications from your end.

  • API Call Limitations

    Nigex has a sole right over the number of API calls that your application can make towards our API at any given point of time.

  • API Change Proposal

    We have the complete right over making certain changes in our Nigex API and its documentation on a frequent basis without any prior notice. If not done, we will review it periodically to identify the possible changes that can be implemented in API.

2. Nigex API Usage Constraints

The usage or access to our Nigex API services is confined or limited according to the guidelines given in this ‘Terms of Service’ page. Hence, you are not allowed to:

  • Develop any particular application that is an exact replica, duplicitous copy or trespasses any of the third party’s intellectual property rights or contain a virus or offensive material, violating relevant laws.
  • Reverse engineer, decompile or modify the functionalities of our Nigex API.
  • Use our Nigex API in such a manner that affects the security or functionality of our API.

3. API Data

  • Data Transmitted during Nigex API Usage
    These Terms of Service gives you a global, non-exclusive, fully paid-up, irreversible, transferable, and sub-licensable license for the usage of our Nigex API and how to maneuver data & information as well as records or files:
    • Data that you gather during the usage of our API
    • Data that you enter, load or transmit into the Nigex API
  • You should not use any Nigex data that contains private or personal information.
  • You will also delete all the Nigex data that is no longer needed for your application or API.
  • You do not have any usage rights for Nigex data containing private or personal information.

4. Monitoring API Usage

You clearly understand and acknowledge that we are authorized to track or monitor the API usage from your end. You, in any case, would not be allowed to interfere with such monitoring.

5. No Guarantee of Confidential Communications

All communications made by you during the usage of our Nigex API transmits certain personal data or information over the internet, including some open, public networks. Hence, we do not explicitly guarantee or provide assurance of keeping your communications private, secure or safe done over public networks via our API.

6. Ownership Rights

All the Nigex API data, material or documentation received by you hereunder are licensed by us; hence, it is not sold to you in any manner. All the rights that are explicitly granted to you for the usage of our API are also reserved to us only.

7. Indemnities and Warranties

  • Transferred Data Representation

    You hereby acknowledge that all the transmitted data via our API from your end will contain information which is collected post getting consent or permission from all applicable third-parties.

  • Indemnification with regard to usage of our Nigex API

    You hereby agree that you will indemnify all our members of the Nigex team with respect to your claim applications, breach of applicable laws from your end and the usage of our Nigex API.

8. Interpretation Claims

If a situation arises when there is a discrepancy between our API Terms of Service and the Terms of Service, these API Terms of Service will supersede the other.

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