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AML is an acronym for “Anti-Money Laundering” whereas KYC stands for "Know Your Customer".


We are dedicated to protecting our users and customers from Fraudulent Activities which usually happen in the Field Of Cryptography activities. As Defined by Law, There are Some Cryptographic Resources that are sometimes used for fraud, scam or other illegal activities. To avoid the risk, It is mandatory to take all the beneficial steps or set of steps of Customer verification (KYC) to ensure the security of all the Financial Transactions. A common step is the inclusion of the AML / KYC Procedure, The AML / KYC Procedure makes us able to confirm that our user is a Law-Abiding Person or organization.

The NIGEX service features a risk Classification and detection system, That can detect any suspicious activities. If any suspicious activity detected in a transaction by our system, It will be referred for AML and KYC Control. We can’t, however, disclose the actual criteria and procedures of our system for security reasons. However, Our risk Classification and detection system have been proved very effective against most of the illegal activity and people like money Launderers, Scammers, and others.

The NIGEX Service Reserves the Right to Apply the AML / KYC Procedure for specific users, Cryptographic Asset Transaction and Addresses. This procedure will be applied on the basis of the NIGEX Service’s Internal Policies. This set of an array of step is introduced to prevent and reduce the Potential Risks Associated with the NIGEX Services involved in most of the illegal activities like Money Laundering, Scam, and others.

Just as a reminder the NIGEX service also reserves the right to allot the task of authentication of User to a third-party service provider on behalf of the NIGEX Service. During the Processing of your information, the service provider will be bounded to fully respect our own Privacy Statement in concern to your personal and other information.

The NIGEX Service will not and never engage in any Commercial Contract with any person or organization suspected of being in any way involved in any illegal activity or where funds are sourced from any illegal activity or Risk.

AML and KYC Procedure

The Procedure can be applied to those who are paying specific crypto assets that are considered dubious by our risk Classification, detection, automated risk prevention and management system.

The user has to submit the proof of their identity to complete the AML / KYC Procedure.

A user can confirm his/her Identity through:

  • A Photo Of their Government Approved Id Card (Passport, Voter IDs, Driving License, or any Unique Identity Card).
  • Any document as Proof Of the Source Of The Funds,
  • Your Selfi with Documentation.

The transaction will be processed just after completing the AML/ KYC Procedure. In any case, If the user refuses to Undergo our AML / KYC Procedure, then their transaction will be declined and the Cryptographic assets will be automatically returned to the original source from where they came, after deducting the Applicable fees (If Any). At the same time, our service will block the user’s account and blacklist the wallet address. The Blocked user will no longer eligible to use any of the NIGEX Service and facility.

If the NIGEX Service receives, In regards to your documentation, Any Misleading details, Contact Information or any other false information, then all the Cryptographic assets will be Returned automatically to their place of origin. Our Service has permission to transmit and process the data collected from the users to the respective Authorities on any legitimate Request.


The NIGEX services works on a quick and transparet system of procedures and guidelines so that the users can get the required services by email or other means.


If You Have Any Query regarding The AML / KYC Procedure, Feel Free to Contact Us Via Support Center.

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